EFU Insurance Logo
Profile of Company
  • The Company was incorporated on September 2, 1932. EFU General provides a full range of insurance services to fulfill the needs of all of its customers being commercial and individual clients. Our product portfolio includes:

    • Fire and Property Damage
    • Marine, Aviation and Transport
    • Motor
    • Miscellaneous
    • Value Added Services
    • Takaful
  • The shares of the company are quoted on Pakistan Stock Exchange.
  • EFU is one of the few Pakistani organizations run totally by professional management and highly motivated field force.
  • Policies accepted by all institutions in the country.
  • Rating: Insurer Financial Strength AA+, Outlook: Stable (Rating Agencies: JCR-VIS and PACRA).
  • Client-base comprises of many leading business houses and multinational companies.
  • EFU gave the emerging insurance industry the leadership, the manpower and the drive needed to grow in a situation where at one time, three-fourths of insurance was held by foreign companies.