EFU Insurance Logo
  • EFU is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunities and welcomes people irrespective of their race or gender. All appointments are made on the basis of merit and candidates are placed in jobs for which they are best suited.
  • We provide our employees with life-long employment and career growth. Our employee development and qualification enhancement program provides opportunity to talented people to grow and rise to the highest levels of management through a policy of promotion from within and continuous development. In return we ask for dedication, hard work and professionalism.
  • We hold our employees in the highest esteem and we do all we can to increase their self-worth so that they can achieve fulfillment and full potential. Pay and performance are linked and rewards and recognition go to those who consistently outperform.
  • Work of all employees is directed through a comprehensive performance management system which interlocks business objective with individual goals, targets and work plans; evaluates results and achievements; provides feedback and counseling; and forms the basis for performance and potential review, merit, increases, salary position, career plans, training and development.

The collective ideas, creativity and achievements of our employees have continued to strengthen our position in the industry and have created a high-performing business culture. We are a team and we are always looking for talented people to assist us in continuing to develop and thrive in the general insurance industry!