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Investor Information
Symbol of Company assigned by respective Stock Exchanges
Karachi Stock Exchange - "EFUG"
Lahore Stock Exchange - "EFUG"

Website Link of Stock Exchanges
www.kse.com.pk - Karachi Stock Exchange
www.lse.com.pk - Lahore Stock Exchange

Financial Highlights for last six years

Yearly Earnings per share as on 31st December, 2015
Rs. 25.21

Price Earnings ratio as on 31st December 2015

Break up value per share as on 31st December, 2015
Rs. 99.04

Free Float as on December 31, 2015

Free Float as on June 30, 2016

Free Float as on September 30, 2016

Name of Auditors of the Company
Ernst Young Ford Rhodes & Co. Chartered Accountants

Legal Advisor
Mohammad Ali Sayeed

Shariah Advisor
Mufti Muhammad Ibrahim Essa

Name and Address of Share Registrar
M/s. Technology Trade (Pvt) Ltd.
Dagia House, 241-C, Block 2
Off. Shahra-e-Quaideen, Karachi

Rating of Company
Insurer Financial Strength AA+, Outlook: Stable (Rating Agencies: JCR-VIS and PACRA)